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What We Do: To the Power of QED
We question everything
  • How will the insight make a difference to the business?
  • How best should it be delivered?
  • Where can we gain insight beyond the usual scope?
  • How best to present output for the users of the data?
  • What is the most cost-effective way to build the research solution?
  • Our Quest is to provide Excellent and actionable insight Direct to our clients, enabling them to grow their brands

    An overused descriptor, but a genuine driving force for our approach and deliverables

  • Taking pride in knowing that the focused time spent on each and every research programme maximises insight
  • Knowing that every research programme is designed and executed in best-practice
  • Ensuring that outputs meet and surpass client expectations
  • Striving to continuously deliver a service to clients that ultimately markets itself via word-of-mouth recommendation within the industry through its excellence
  • Being as flexible as the client demands across methodological approaches, solutions, timings and budgets

    Output has to give clear direction to the business

  • We are not interested in undertaking research where the results will not give a forward momentum for the business
  • The ‘consulting’ part of the business name is not for show – it is a core of our philosophy – to get involved in our clients strategic business issues to ensure the research we conduct addresses these issues
  • We are more than a research agency. We involve ourselves as ‘marketing consultants’ within the organisation to ensure that the insight is used effectively and efficiently
  • Research output should never be just data – it needs to show the way forward

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