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Japanese farmers have overcome the problems associated with storing round watermelons in supermarkets and consumer refrigerators (where their round shape takes up too much space and is difficult to ‘sit’ on a shelf). By growing them within rectangular ‘glazed boxes’ they force them to grow into this perfect ergonomically shaped fruit … without any GM issues… our kind of solution to a problem!

In-depth qualitative insight understanding respondent perceptions, exploring motivations and isolating functional and emotive needs

Used for brand equity exploration, new product development, communication & concept testing, category development strategies, consumer behaviour understanding

Focus on the WHY

  • Consumer Focus Groups
  • Trade Business Discussion Groups / Interviews
  • Consumer In-Depth Interviews
  • Paired / Triad In-Depth Interviews
  • Accompanied Shops

    Focus on measuring hypotheses (often generated in qualitative research)

    Measuring incidences, occasions, attitudes, opinions and perceptions

    Used for measuring behaviour as opposed to ‘understanding’ it per se. Focus is on using the output to ‘quantify’ a given ‘case’

    Focus on HOW MANY

  • National Survey (street-stop / store-stop)
  • Mail Surveys (consumer database driven)
  • E-Surveys (again best consumer database driven)
  • Telephone Survey (Consumer & B2B)
  • In Home Diaries
  • Mystery Shopping
  • EPOS & Data analysis

    Originating in cultural & social anthropology, ethnographical research concerns itself, as a methodological approach, with immersion in a given market or set of circumstances to fully understand the given environment – understanding from within through participation as opposed to from outside

  • In-Store Observation
  • Consumer Tandems
  • ‘Meet the Shopper’ In-Trade Training Sessions

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